CARING FOR TITAN EXEAT BREATHABLE WATERPROOF CLOTHING. Just as a sports car needs to be serviced, waterproof breathable garments are manufactured with hi-tech fabrics that need to be looked after and treated with a little TLC. All top quality breathable waterproof fabrics the world over suffer from a phenomenon called "WET OUT", this is when precipitation saturates your garment’s outer shell fabric, presenting you with a damp sensation as if your garment was leaking when in fact it is not. To prevent wet out, all leading breathable waterproof outer shell fabrics are treated with an invisible polymer treatment to prevent wet out called "DWR", a durable water repellency that is applied to the outer shell fabric layer, DWR penetrates the fibres reducing the fabrics surface tension causing precipitation to bead and roll off, thus preventing moisture to absorb into the outer shell fabric. As with all leading breathable fabrics the DWR is not permanent, regular wear and tear, exposure to the elements, dirt and detergents will shorten the DWR lifespan. To restore the Durable Water Repellency, hand wash the garment with a mild salt-free detergent. The washing will remove dirt and contaminants and will help rejuvenate the DWR on the outer shell fabric. If precipitation still fails to bead and roll off after washing, the garments DWR has reached the end of its useful life. To restore the garment’s DWR liberally apply a spray-on DWR specifically designed for breathable waterproof clothing (available from all good Outdoor Clothing retailers) to the washed and cleaned garment.

Machine Wash DWR’s or silicone waterproof sprays for tents are not recommended as they will hinder the garments breathability.